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Our services

Our services broadly fall into three categories (with obvious overlaps). Firstly strategy and strategic planning solutions, secondly marketing planning services and implementation, and thirdly E-Learning solutions, which include a unique supported offer to SME clients of the acclaimed Harvard ManageMentor suite of 42 leadership and management courses.

Strategy Consulting

We assist companies with the gathering of critical information, facilitation of strategic planning workshops and initiatives, the compilation of strategic plans, and the implementation of business strategies. To provide further information depth, we also have a partnership with the African Foresight Network.

Marketing Consulting

Many people think marketing is easy. We always say that marketing consulting is similar to photography – every person with a digital camera believes they can be a professional photographer. But true results are delivered by the real professional. We help companies to produce deep customer insights, and develop marketing strategies and plans that will truly deliver business results.

E-Learning Solutions

We offer both content and deliver platform e-learning solutions to organizations of all sizes.  In addition we also offer a unique fully supported version of Harvard ManageMentor to SME companies to provide their employees with the best global training at a very low price – an incredible value proposition! Harvard ManageMentor comprises a suite of 41 online on-demand leadership and management courses, to which subscribed learners have a whole year access to complete as many courses as they wish.

Our specializations

Marketing Consulting

We help organisations with finding customers, getting them, keeping them, and growing the value of the relationships. Most approaches to increase customer loylaty are fragmented, unfocused and uncoordinated. Our approach is to maximise the value of the customer asset through a holistic approach which covers a wide range of inter-disciplinary interventions ranging from instilling customer centricity in the strategy of the company and planning for customer experience excellence, to implementation which could include facilitation, research, training, quality control, systems implementation, and assessment.

Strategy Consulting

Business strategy revolves essentially about an integrated cascade of critical choices: What is your winning aspiration; Where will we play; How will we win; What capabilities must be in place; and What management systems are required. We facilitate strategic planning sessions and workshops where we address these issues and much more. All the modern strategy planning tools and frameworks are available for use, but we select only the most appropriate for your industry, company and situation.

Market Research

Whether you are looking for quantitative or qualitative research of any kind in South Africa or in Southern Africa, we can help. We specialize in customer and employee surveys for which we use our own in-house SAAS solution. We also have a in-house statistician for the analyses of any data, and we have a partnership associations with the respected research company Marketing Surveys and Statistical Analysis (MSSA).

Harvard ManageMentor for SME's

We offer SME companies and qualifying subsidiaries of larger companies and their employees a complete management training solution consisting of  a suite of 41 online on-demand leadership and management courses called Harvard ManageMentor.  Courses cover all the core topics in the categories Managing yourself, Managing others  and Managing the business. The whole suite is made available at the incredible low price of R12,850 (ex VAT) per employee, which buys learners access to all courses for a whole year! Learners are also supported with Webinars and optional blended learning workshops.

Customer Experience Design

We help with addressing all aspects of the customer experience in a holistic manner, which should contribute to a company experiencing an increase in revenue and decline in operating costs. From customer experience research and audits, customer journey mapping, new customer experience designs and the implementation of customer experience initiatives to the measurement of customer experience and customer loyalty, we cover all areas needed to produce the synergistic results that delivers true success.

Enroll your employees now for our special fully supported online Harvard ManageMentor leadership & management development programme!

Our clients

Our clients over the years include many of the best known brands in South Africa. Services rendered by Enterprise Dynamics or its founder, Dr. Kosie de Villiers, range from smaller to large assignments in many areas of business consulting and e-learning.